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The international shipbuilding industry has been experiencing a boom across the world. Demand for new ships has increased tremendously. Most of the major ship-owners are getting involved with developing countries in the process of building small ocean-going vessels; the idea is to utilize the cost-effective labour market within these economies.
A successful shipbuilding industry needs a large pool of talented and skilled workforce (e.g. welders, fitters etc.), who are quick and eager to learn, and are efficient and productive at every level. Bangladesh is excellently poised to take advantage of this opportunity of establishing a major shipbuilding concern, with its abundant yet extremely cost-effective manpower.
Maritimus Ltd has been founded by a versatile group of business and technical professionals, with a vision of utilizing the resources and potential of Bangladesh in the international shipbuilding industry. Alongside the business people, the lawyers, engineers among its founder members, the team includes one of the country′s most experienced professionals in this field - Dr. Engineer Syed H. M. Kalimullah, who has served many national and international shipbuilding organizations in key positions for over thirty years. The team also includes a local engineering business house having existing resources, expertise and experience of working in the steel fabrication industry.
Furthermore, highly reputable and international-calibre consultants have been involved from the very beginning of company activities to ensure efficient and environment-friendly utilization of resources, while maintaining, and even exceeding requisite quality-control measures. This places Maritimus Ltd on a unique foundation to start producing quality ships on cost-effective tenders.